Antigüedades Darchinger, Bilbao: Biedermeier, Jugendstil, Art Déco
Biedermeier Jugendstil / Art nouveau
Arts & crafts / Modernismo
Art deco

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How to order


Our general policy.

  • The items we offer for sale are from the period estimated by our best knowledge, no copies will be offered.
  • Each item will have been thoroughly cleaned and checked for damages or repairs.
  • All items fullfill certain minimum standards regarding their condition.
  • Certain marks of wear are to be considered normal for antique items. Only items with a reasonable and acceptable amount of wear are offered. Exceptions may be made with extremely rare collector items but then the damages will be fully described.
  • For glass this means for example superficial scratching or minor chips and light scratches to the surface or minimal water-damage. Metal items may show patina, oxidation or minor dents. Wooden items may be a bit bent, have been attacked by woodworms or may have suffered minor losses of veneer. The cables of lighting will get replaced or checked in each case. Make sure that it fullfiling to your countries safety standards and regulations. The items are adapted for 220 volts A/C. If not it will be mentioned.
  • If you read our detailed descriptions you will see that they are very conservative. We prefer to mention one scratch more than to see our customers disappointed. In each case we are always available to answer your questions and to e-mail high-resolution pictures.
  • And we are also always glad to answer your phone calls in english, spanish, german and with some restrictions in french.

Conditions of sale.

  • All items advertised are available for sale when they are added to our web site. Although we update the web site regularly we are unable to guarantee that they may not have been sold already when we receive your order.
  • We will acknowledge all orders. Each successful order will receive a confirmation of acceptance by e-mail.
  • The purchase price does not include the cost of postage or carriage, but does include the cost of packing.
  • Important: Make sure the item is not violating the customs regulations of your country and check for possible taxes. We will declare the item as it is described on the web site.
  • Despatch of goods will take place as soon as complete payments are cleared.
  • Payment must be received by us no later than five working days after the date of confirmation of order. After this time, the confirmation of order will be deemed to have lapsed, and the item(s) will become available for resale.

How to order.

  • To order an item, simply click on Contact from whichever page you're on, and be sure to include the following details.
  • Our reference number for the item you require.
  • Your full name and the postal address (including postcode) to which the goods are to be sent.
  • Your preferred method of payment.

Methods of payment.

  • First of all wait until we have talked about all details of the sale and postage.
  • Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer (the quickest way) in Euros. Make sure that your bank will not take a fee from us. You have to order the transfer with the OUR option in the fees charge.

Postage & carriage.

  • Once you have ordered an article, we need to get it to you safely, and as quickly as practicable.
  • We package all items extremely carefully, and have successfully sent goods all over the world without problems. However, all goods are sent at the purchaser's own risk, and will not be insured separately by us (although items sent by some methods are automatically covered against loss and/or damage: see postage & carriage for details).
  • If you live in or near Bilbao, or know someone in the area who can take delivery on your behalf, we may be able to make delivery ourselves. If somebody related to you is coming to the city, he/she can pick up the packet, but we will need to know "who is coming and when" and he/she will have to identify himself, (Passport, Identity card etc...) In this case we will pack the article as "small, secure and comfortable" as possible for your friend and (of course) for your precious article.

For all other cases we will be glad to send the article by post service.

Click here to see details and prices (International)

Click here to see details and prices (Spain)

In case you are a customer of Fed Ex, UPS, etc. and you have an account with them just let us know the fact and your customer number. As soon as the packet is ready to get picked up we will inform you by e-mail. In this case you naturally DON'T have to add fees for Postage and Carriage, your company will charge you.

Please note: While we do not charge for packing & wrapping material, the weight of it must be allowed for when estimating postage or carriage rates. As general rule, allow for the whole package to weigh about double the net weight of the contents, we try to do our best and specially the best for the articles.


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